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A Bit Of Thai Tunes

Bangkok, Thailand
Museum Siam
April 5–6, 2024
Role: Invited Speaker & Invited Performer

Event Info
Creatorsgarten, a super cool collective of creative technologists based in Bangkok recently put together an Algorave and Live Coding event at Museum Siam this past weekend. A huge kudos to the team for the wonderful turnout and great positive responses. I remember when I was in middle/high school how I always felt Bangkok and Thailand in general didn’t have enough arts and culture. 15 years later, I feel like Bangkok has transformed into a counterpoint of arts, music and culture in Southeast Asia and the greater Asia-Pacific region. I would have never imagined a turn out this good for a live coding event in Bangkok ever before!

Although I couldn’t join in person, I prepared a 20 minute talk in Thai about how to design ML systems for ASEAN cultures and principles for writing electronic music rooted in Thai music and Transcultural Machine Learning. You can see the talk and live set in the links below!