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Host Country: Netherlands
Role: Everything including Composer, AI Research Scientist, Sound Design and Mixing Engineer
I won the AI Song Contest 2022 with my track อสุระเทวะชุมนุม - Enter Demons & Gods (“Asura Deva Choom Noom”). At the heart of this piece is “transcultural” music AI, where tools are developed in a way that brings cultures together at every stage of the engineering, design and artistic process

Historically, music AI has been limited to Western genres like classical, rock and pop music. These models built for one cultural context are often difficult to apply to music from Thailand and Southeast Asia. My track demonstrates how new AI tools empower me to make music inspired by my home traditions, in new ways that no longer compromise the tunings and motifs at the heart of Southeast Asian musical cultures.

The goal of my music project Yaboi Hanoi is to challenge culture from Southeast Asia across mediums like music, dance and design. For this track, I hoped that music AI could change listener’s perception about Thai music, both at home and abroad. I want to employ modern tools like AI to push forwards the frontiers of culture, not just from Thailand, but from all of Southeast Asia.