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Bangkok, OCT 2022
Role: Sound Design
Commissioned by:  Pinaree Sanpitak
I was inspired by 
the theme of 
fragility in artist 
Pinaree Sanpitak's installation. I interpreted this to be the natural environment that we live in and imagined a future where there were no more trees and thus no more bird songs.

The installation made me feel how if "Anything Can Break" 
in the future, it would most certainly be our 
natural environment and the animals living in it.

I studied bird calls from all over Bangkok for 3 months and created 100% synthetic bird calls dispersed across the installation. I imagined a future where trees no longer exist and an artificial canopy of bird songs was the only way to experience what was once sounds of nature.

Each of the "Flying Cubes" made by artist Pinaree Sanpitak contain a motion sensor that triggers a sound when viewers walk underneath it. I composed 16 unique bird calls using a variety of techniques including AI-based sound synthesis and modular synths. I wanted my sound design 
to evoke the sensation of standing underneath a canopy full of birds singing.